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Name: Dean Winchester
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Canon: Supernatural - TV
Timeline: 5.04 - The End: After meeting back up with Sam

Character History:

Character Personality:
To those that don't know him well, Dean tends to come off as impulsive, sarcastic, and shallow. In reality, he is a bit of all of those, but they are also a cover for deeper feelings that he would rather not allow others to see. He loves to play practical jokes - especially on Sam - and he often jokes around on the job as well, picking rock star names as his and Sam’s aliases. Dean's quite a flirt, even if his pickup lines are sometimes lacking (I like kids) and he often encourages Sam - and at one point Cas - to try his strategy.

Dean knows that his lifestyle isn't one that easily allows for emotional attachments to those outside of it, but he tries to act like he's all about living in the moment. In some ways he is since he can't know when some monster will kill him or something will happen. Both he and Sam have already died on numerous occasions, but they keep being brought back from the dead.

On the other hand, if Dean acts like everything is fine all the time people are less likely to ask him if he is fine. Naturally, whenever this question is presented to him, Dean almost always replies that he is fine and moves on. The reply is more of a brushoff than an actual answer, but Dean doesn't want to admit to anyone else that he's less than fine. If he admits that everything isn't okay to someone else than he has to admit what's wrong to himself as well and then he's less able to continue on acting like everything is fine.

There are a few times in canon where Dean "cracks" like this and shows that things aren't just peachy all the time. Generally it occurs when someone (like the angels) asks Dean to complete a task that he doesn't feel comfortable with. He dislikes having to see Sam hurt by some of the difficult positions that they've been put in and just about anything involving those that he considers family puts Dean on edge.

Dean’s quick with sarcastic comebacks and he doesn’t care who he’s talking to. He always has something mouthy to say to the police whenever they bring him into custody. A lot of this particular attitude seems to come from the fact that Dean protects people every day from things that the authorities have no idea even exist. These people know nothing about Dean’s world, and he knows nothing about anything that they’ve done, so he has very little respect for them. Mostly, he views them as obstacles and complications. Since Dean doesn't exactly follow the law - credit card fraud, breaking and entering, etc. All are things that he's done in the name of killing monsters and protecting people. However, that's not something that can believably be explained away, and in the end, Dean's still breaking the law.

Dean has spent most of his life following orders from his father, with the top priority being his younger brother Sam. Even as his dad knew that his own life was coming to an end, he reminds Dean to look after his baby brother. Because of this, Dean places a very high value on looking after Sam, making it his sort of mission in life. Obviously, even from a young age, Dean has had trouble forming real, long lasting emotional ties with anyone, and that just makes him more attached to his family. Often, if something happens to Sam or he starts to do morally questionable things Dean takes it as a personal failure on his behalf. He even goes so far as to sacrifice himself for Sam, believing that he can’t go on with his brother dead. Dean's reliance on his family - Sam, Bobby, and, later, Castiel - is borderline unhealthy, and almost obsessive. While his dedication to family is admirable, it's really too much of an extreme and it becomes the only thing that really holds him together and keeps him going. This is further demonstrated in the later seasons of Supernatural when Dean looses everyone that he cares about with the exception of Sam and he emotionally falls apart. He continues to do his job because he has to, but loosing those close to him is like a personal blow to Dean.

He also hides a deep insecurity. Although he loves and cherishes both his father and his brother, he’s always believed that Sam was their father’s favorite and Dean was just a tool that could be used to help protect him and to be trained into the perfect soldier. These thoughts don’t do anything to lessen Dean’s love for his family; they just cause him to view himself as more disposable and less worthy than them. This can cause Dean to act recklessly, however, the only person that Dean has ever actively sacrificed his life for is Sam. When Sam was killed, Dean didn't hesitate to damn his own soul to hell in exchange for Sam's life. While there are other people that Dean loves and considers to be close family, Sam is also his responsibility.

Dean has a lot of guilt issues that tie into his feelings of worthlessness. When Dean was dying of heart failure after accidentally shocking himself on a hunt Sam was able to find a way to cure Dean, but he later finds out that his life was saved (exchanged) at the cost of another life. While Sam is argues that the other man would have died anyway whether it was Dean or another that had been cured, Dean is unable to accept that someone's life was lost to save his. Especially since it was a life that, as hunters, the Winchesters should have been trying to save. Later, John Winchester trades his life in exchange for Dean's and this is also difficult for him to handle. While Dean would have undoubtedly made the same call - and does later when Sam dies - he can't stand to think that someone he cares about would throw their life away for him when he's always viewed himself as dispensable.

In some ways Dean’s moral compass is a little shaky. He has absolutely no problem with credit card fraud, impersonating a member of the FBI, CIA, or any other government agency, or digging up graves in order to salt and burn some nasty spirit’s bones. He does, however, hold a great deal of issue with Sam’s use of his abilities. While it’s clear that Sam mainly wants to use his abilities to do good, Dean sees them as something dangerous and unknown. His view of the world is very black and white; human, not human. Anything "not human" can be classified as a monster and should therefore be killed. Dean's concern with Sam's use of powers comes not only from his own discomfort, but he's terrified that another hunter will catch wind of them and try to hunt Sam down.

Dean’s not great with dealing in unknown or faith-based things. His personal motto is that if he can see it, touch it, and fight it, it’s real. Otherwise it had might as well be Santa Claus. When first confronted with the concept of angels Dean reacts with scorn. Since he hasn't seen an angel and he doesn't know of anybody else who has, they fall under the categories of fairy tales and bedtime stories that parents tell their children. He also has a difficult time believing that if God and angels did exist they would have let all the horrible things that happened to the Winchester family go on without so much as raising a finger to help.

Although Dean has shown scorn towards living a “normal” life or Sam wanting to be “normal”, he secretly wishes that he could be “normal” as well. Dean never seemed to resent hunting in the way that Sam did, but he expressed resentment over Sam’s being able to have a normal life at college while Dean continued the hunt. A djinn once granted his wish to have a normal life, sticking Dean into a dream world where his mother had never died. While he loved the feeling of the dream, a reality where he and Sam were strangers to each other, and all of the people that he’d saved as a hunter were now dead wasn’t something that Dean could live with.

Character Abilities you would like to expand on further:
Dean has quite a few talents. He’s good at fighting and skilled with several different types of firearm, as well as quite a few melee weapons. When it comes to combat Dean’s very resourceful and is usually able to use his environment to his benefit. If there's something within his reach that can be used as a weapon, Dean won't hesitate to pick it up and use it. After all, he was trained to fight things that go bump in the night from a very young age, and his father was very thorough in his training.

He’s also decent at picking locks. Dean’s biggest limitation in how he utilizes his skills comes from his concern for others. If he’s busy trying to protect someone, that can hamper how he fights and lead to him being injured.

Character Weaknesses you would like to expand on further:
Aside from the fact that Dean is just a normal human and can be injured and killed as such, his brother and the love that he has for the rest of those he considers family can be considered a weakness.  Sam’s the only family that Dean has left, and Dean loves his brother more than anything despite their occasional falling outs.  He would also do anything for him, including sacrificing himself, which he has done in the past.  Dean also has a soft spot for Bobby since he’s been like a second father to the Winchester boys.

There's also Castiel, whom Dean has come to view as a brother. He loves and trusts the angel implicitly which allows Cas to be used against Dean. Alternately, Dean feels betrayed if Cas doesn't stand by him and losing him would be just as devastating as loosing Sam or Bobby. Although the only one that Dean would sacrifice himself for is Sam.

Really, anybody that Dean considers to be family or friend can be used against him, which is noted in the canon alternate universe where the Dean there says that he doesn't have "friends" because they make him weak.

Dean is also terrified of flying, claiming that as the reason he drives everywhere.


What abilities will your character retain in Soul Campaign?
Since Dean has no superhuman powers he will retain all of his abilities while being played in Soul Campaign.

What weaknesses will your character lose or gain in Soul Campaign?
Dean won't loose or gain any weaknesses since his weaknesses are mostly a function of his personality. Any friends or family that he has within the game could become a weakness for him depending on their conduct and situations but, again, that is more a function of Dean than one of the city.

The wish Death the Kid made to the BREW in 2009 was to “rescue Death City and stop the waves of Madness from overtaking the world.” By whatever means necessary. Pretend you are the BREW. Why would you choose to bring this character to Death City?
Dean was raised by his father to fight as a soldier against all manner of supernatural creatures, and despite occasionally expressing that he would rather move on and do something different with his life Dean's a soldier at heart. He wants to be able to help people who need it and he doesn't really know how to do anything other than protect those who are weaker than him.

That aside, Dean has fought in the supernatural war in his own world. He would be less than thrilled about having been brought to another world for the purpose of fighting in their war, but he's more than capable of fighting in bizarre circumstances. In addition, being in one place for an extended period of time will force Dean to form attachments to the other people there, giving him more reason to fight, even if his aim is only to protect others.

If your character has difficulty verbally communicating or can’t verbally communicate at all (mute or non-humanoid), elaborate on how this will be treated in the game. N/A


Why is your character a Meister and not a Weapon?
Dean is a Meister primarily because of OOC preference. As a character he could go either way, but it's difficult for him to trust people enough to be able to work with them and the only character in game that he would be willing to partner with is Castiel. Since Cas is a Weapon, Dean should be a Meister.

What is your character’s Meister Ability? Why?
Soul Armor
Soul Determination
Soul Summon


Describe your character’s soul with six adjectives.
Dedicated, loyal, righteous, uncompromising, determined, dependant

What does your character’s soul look like? Be creative.
Dean's soul is a simple dark green orb and the flame at the top resembles the way Dean spikes his hair up in the front. Its face has a sorrowful expression. There's a cloth bandage wrapped around its crown and a smaller bandage stuck to its right cheek.


Provide a First Person style sample in the form of a post to the DEMISE network.
[The video turns on to a man with green eyes and short, spiked up brown hair frowning down at the device in irritation, his eyebrows knit together. He turns it over in his hands before righting it once more and glancing around suspiciously before opening his mouth to speak.] Look. I don't know who the hell brought me here or what kind of crazy place this is supposed to be, but if this is some kind of sick joke, it isn't funny.

[His tone develops something of a growl as he continues to talk.] Zachariah. If you're behind this, I swear you won't frigging know what hit you when I'm done with you, you hear me?

[Sure he'd gotten some bullshit explanation when he'd woken up here, but he sure as hell wasn't going to just believe whatever explanation was being spoon-fed to him. Dean sighs, running a hand over his hair in agitation and glancing around again before returning his attention to the communication device. If Zachariah isn't going to answer, maybe someone else will. Time to change tactics. He's not really holding his breath here, but what's the worst that could happen? …On second thought? Maybe he didn't want to know.]

If anybody can hear this, do you know anything about this place? What year it is? What city this is supposed to be? I mean… It doesn't exactly seem like a hot vacation destination, if you get my drift.

[He leans back from the device, hand coming down to shut the thing off] …This is just fan-freaking-tastic. [The feed shuts off.]

Provide a Third Person sample set during the last minutes on their world and/or their first few moments in the Kishin Chamber (
When Dean had gone to bed that night, after his reunion with Sam, he'd thought that maybe, maybe, for the first time in a long time that things might be okay. That if him and Sam could continue to stick this out things might be right again. Things would stop being awkward and he wouldn't have to be glancing over his shoulder every few seconds to make sure Sammy wasn't downing demon blood like it was the next big thing. He'd be lying to himself if he said that he thought the change would happen overnight, but he was trying. And, more importantly, so was Sam. Together they could undo that fucked up version of the future.

That night Dean fell asleep listening to the sound of Sam's even breathing from the next bed and the knot in his chest loosened slightly. If he was lucky Sammy would still be there in the morning.

What he didn't expect was to wake up on the cold floor of a dark room. Dean immediately fumbles for the knife that he always keeps under his pillow, but there's no pillow and no knife. He pats down his jacket, motions frantic, and realizes that his weapons have all been taken. There's a bottle of holy water, a flask of alcohol, his lock picks, and, surprisingly, his car keys.

Dean stands, turning to take in the room. "Sam! Sammy!"

Nothing. Whatever had taken him had either left Sam behind or was holding him somewhere else. And then the screen flickers to life and Dean gives it his full attention, narrowing his eyes and clenching his hands into fists when the man starts talking. Whatever is going on here, it's bullshit and he doesn't believe the man on the screen for an instant. This is probably another of Zachariah's bizarre attempts to make Dean say yes to Michael. Either way, he needed to figure out how to get out of this place and find Sammy again.



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