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PLURK: FreeFalling

CHARACTER NAME: Dean Winchester
SERIES: Supernatural: TV
CHRONOLOGY: 5.22: Swan Song. Immediately after Sam says "Yes."
CLASS: Hero, not that he would think so.


Dean lives in a world where "supernatural" occurrences are commonplace, although most of the populace is ignorant of the creatures that cause such things. Of those people who are aware, there are some who call themselves "hunters". These people take it upon themselves to hunt down and put an end to any supernatural creature that's bringing harm to others.

Up until Dean was four he lived a normal, supernatural-free life. However, when his younger brother Sam was six months old their mother died in a supernatural event and the boys' father, John, became obsessed with finding the thing that had killed her. Due to this obsession Dean moved around a lot as a child and was often charged with looking after his brother whenever their father would go on a hunt.

Dean never graduated from high school, instead he got his GED, allowing him to leave behind the system that he hated and focus more on hunting.  Sam, however, graduates from high school with straight A’s and, after fighting with their father, left the family to attend college at Stanford.  Dean was angry and frustrated at Sam for breaking up their family in order to live a “normal” life, and he never quite stopped taking Sam’s leaving personally.

After Sam had been away for several years, John went missing while on a hunting trip and Dean showed up in Sam’s apartment asking for his help in finding their father.  Sam was reluctant to leave, but Dean convinced him to come along and the two headed off to John’s last known location.  When they arrived, they discovered that their father had moved on.  They defeated the spirit, a “woman in white”, that John had left for them and then, despite Dean’s protests, Sam said that he wanted to go back to college.  Dean agreed to drive him back and dropped him off at his apartment.

Dean dropped Sam off and headed back to the open road, but he didn’t make it very far before he decided to turn around and go back to Sam.  He arrived to find that Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica, had been murdered in the same fashion that their mother had.  Dean pulled a distraught Sam from the apartment before it went up in flames, consuming Jessica’s body.  This incident caused Sam to agree to team up with Dean once more, in order to find Jessica’s killer.

Once again, Dean and Sam set off to find their father, using clues that he’d left for them.  John also left them his journal, which contained all sorts of useful information about supernatural critters.

While they were traveling, the Winchester brothers encountered a shape shifter.  The creature took on Dean’s form and framed him for murder.  However, Dean killed it not long after, leaving its body for the police and ending up being declared dead.

When the brothers finally met up with their father, in Iowa, the family had a run-in with the demon that they had been hunting.  John had found a gun known as the Colt that could kill anything – including the demon that they’d been hunting.  The encounter didn’t end very well, and the Winchester’s escaped in the Impala.  As they drove away a semi truck came out of nowhere and crashed into the side of the Impala, injuring Sam and John, and putting Dean into a coma.

The Winchesters were transferred to a hospital where Dean’s spirit leaves his body.  He walked around the hospital, trying to communicate with John, Sam, or anyone that would listen to him.  Eventually he found and talked with what he believed to be the spirit of another patient.  It turned out that the girl, Tessa, was actually a reaper.  She explained to Dean that if he didn’t agree to die and come with her, that he would become one of the vengeful spirits that he’d hunted.  Dean was about to go with her when he suddenly woke up in his own body with no memories of having met the reaper.

Shortly after Dean was brought back from death he had a private conversation with his John who tells him that Dean must try to save Sam, and if he can’t, he will have to kill him.  Not long after this conversation, John collapsed and was declared dead, even though he hadn’t been in danger of dying.  Sam and Dean realized that the Colt had been stolen and suspected that their father had made a deal with a demon in exchange for Dean’s life.

The brothers decided to continue hunting the demon that had killed their mother and, along the way they met an old friend of John’s – Ellen.  She had a daughter, Jo, and the boys came to like and trust her.  She, however, was uncertain how she felt towards them because her husband had been killed while hunting with their father.

Sam told Dean that he had been having premonitions for some time, but that he had been hiding them from his brother.  Dean, in turn, told Sam what their father’s dying words had been – that Dean might someday have to kill Sam.

As Sam’s abilities continued to grow, the brothers became aware of the fact that there were other children with abilities like Sam’s.  Dean agreed to help Sam warn the other children of the demon’s plans for them, all the while trying to hide his unease at Sam’s growing powers.  During this search, the boys discovered that Sam was immune to the other children’s abilities, as well as the Croatoan virus.

When Sam went missing, Dean finally caught up to him and discovered that he had been possessed by a demon that the brothers had previously exorcised.  The demon tried to get Dean to kill it – by essentially shooting Sam – but Dean is unable to harm his younger brother.  He was able to exorcise the demon with Bobby’s help.  Bobby gave the boys amulets to protect them and they later got tattoos to help prevent demon possession.

Later, Sam went missing again and Dean got Bobby and the two of them went to Ellen’s bar to get some information.  He arrived to find the bar destroyed, and everybody in it dead.  While they stood over the ruins of the bar Dean received a vision of Sam and a bell.  Dean shared the vision with Bobby who was able to remember the ghost town that the bell was located in.

Together they rushed to the ghost town in order to rescue Sam.  However, they arrived only in time to see Sam get stabbed in the back by one of the other special children, Jake, and he died in Dean’s arms.  Dean and Bobby laid Sam in one of the houses in the ghost town and Bobby tried to convince Dean to bury Sam and come with him, but Dean told Bobby to leave him alone.

After Bobby left, Dean went and made a deal with the crossroads demon, in the same fashion as his father before him – his life for Sam’s, and he would have one year left to live before the hellhounds came for him.  Dean returned to the ghost town and found Sam alive and well.  He explained to him that Bobby had fixed him up, and that was why he was still alive, not mentioning his deal with the demon.

Together Dean, Sam, Bobby, and Ellen travelled to prevent the yellow-eyed demon from using Jake to open the portal to Hell and unleashing demons on the world. They arrived too late, however, and Sam shot and killed Jake before the group managed to reseal the portal.  Sam found out that Dean had sold his soul in exchange for Sam’s life, Dean shot and killed the yellow-eyed demon, with help from John’s spirit, and the boys moved forward with the knowledge that Dean had only one year left.

For the next year Sam tried everything to save Dean from his contract.  Dean, however, seemed to be content with enjoying himself and making the most of his last year with Sam.  He finally revealed to Sam that he didn’t want to be saved, because it meant that Sam would be dead instead, and Dean was unable to handle that.

It became apparent that the law was once again looking for the Winchesters, Dean in particular, because they were aware of the fact that Dean was actually not dead and he was still wanted for the crimes that he had committed (credit card fraud) and some that he hadn’t (murder).

A demon named Ruby introduced herself to the boys, saying that she could help them fight off demons and that she could help Sam free Dean from his contract.  She helped them fix the Colt so that it could once again kill demons and generally proved to be very helpful, most of the time.

Dean had a nightmare that made him realize that his life wasn’t worthless, and when he woke up he confessed to Sam that he was afraid and didn’t want to die.  The Colt, however, was once again stolen, destroying Dean’s only chance at defending himself when his contract is up.

During Dean’s last year, the brothers encountered the Trickster, a creature that they thought they’d killed.  He forced them to relive the same day over and over, and each day Dean would die in a different way, but only Sam would remember each previous day.  Eventually the Trickster released the boys from the loop, but he was able to, once again, escape unharmed.

Finally, the year ran out and, despite everything that Sam and Dean had tried to do, Dean was torn to pieces by hellhounds and his soul was sent to Hell.

According to time on Earth, Dean had spent 4 months in Hell, but time in Hell moved slower, turning a month into a year.  For 30 years Dean’s soul was hung on a rack and flogged until there was nothing left, only to be put back together again for another day of torture.  At the end of each day the demon Alastair offered Dean an end to his suffering, if only he would hang souls and join the tormenters.  After 30 years, Dean said yes and started to hang souls on the rack and torture them.  The worst part was that he discovered that he enjoyed torturing the other souls.

After 40 years in Hell, Dean woke up buried in a coffin.  He managed to dig himself out and made his way to a nearby gas station where he got some water and other supplies.  While he was in the gas station, the television and radio flickered to life and a high pitched whining noise shattered all the glass and hurt Dean’s ears.  After the noises stopped, Dean tried to call Sam, but his number had been disconnected.  He called Bobby instead, but got hung up on.

So he hot-wired a car and drove it to Bobby’s house.  At first Bobby was convinced that he wasn’t really Dean, but Dean was able to prove himself and Bobby welcomed him back.  Together, Bobby and Dean were able to hunt down Sam.  They found him at a hotel in a town where Dean had been buried.  At first he didn’t believe that Dean had come back either, but Dean proved himself once more, asking if Sam had done something to bring him back from Hell.

Sam denied having done anything to bring Dean back and the Winchesters tried to hunt down whatever it was that had brought Dean back.  It was revealed that an angel named Castiel had been sent to pull Dean out of Hell on Heaven’s order.  The angels wanted Dean’s help in preventing the apocalypse, although they weren’t very fond of Sam.

Dean was transported back in time, to Lawrence, Kansas, before his parents were married.  He met them there, as well as Mary’s parents, and he discovered that his mother had come from a family of hunters.  He tried to join forces with them, but Mary’s father, Samuel, was resistant to the idea of working with another, unknown, hunter.  It is revealed that Azazel is in town at this time and, in an attempt to drive Azazel away from his family, Dean called his attention to them, and set into motion the events that would lead to his mother’s death and his brother’s corruption.

Upon his return to the present, Castiel told Dean that Sam had been using his powers again, and that if Dean was unable to “stop” Sam, the angels would.  Dean relayed the message and Sam promised that he wouldn’t use his powers anymore.

However, Dean found out that Sam was addicted to demon blood and, along with Bobby, locked Sam in a demon-proof room that Bobby had built in order to detox. While Sam was detoxing Dean made an oath to serve God and the angels if it would mean that Sam didn’t have to kill Lilith.  Sam escaped from the room that he’d been imprisoned in shortly after this and Dean tracked him to a hotel in an attempt to bring him back.  They fought and Sam left with Ruby, leaving Dean on the floor of the hotel room.

The angels transported Dean to a safe room and explained to him that they wanted Sam to kill Lilith and start the apocalypse.  That had been a part of their plan the entire time.  Dean was able to convince Castiel that the angels were wrong to start the apocalypse and they went to the prophet Chuck in order to find out where Sam would go to kill Lilith.  Castiel transported Dean to the location and he arrived just in time, only to have Ruby close a door in his face.  Once the seal was broken Dean entered the room and killed Ruby, with Sam’s help, but it was too late to prevent the apocalypse from starting.

As Lucifer escaped from Hell, the brothers are mysteriously teleported onto an airplane.  The angels confronted them again, informing Dean that he is meant to be the vessel for the angel Michael, while Sam is intended to be Lucifer’s vessel.  However, neither brother can be used as a vessel unless they consent.  The angels tried to force Dean into agreement by injuring him and Sam, but Castiel saves them.

They moved on to the next town and, after defeating one of the horsemen, War, Dean and Sam agree to part ways because Dean viewed Sam’s demon blood addiction as a liability.  Dean is found by Castiel shortly after and the two of them captured the archangel Raphael in hope that he would know where they could find God.

Dean was momentarily separated from Castiel and, during that time, he was found by Zachariah who transported him to the year 2014 were he discovered what the world would be like if he were to continue on the same path.  In this future nearly all of humankind has become infected with the Croatoan virus, and Dean was eventually able to meet with his future self.  It was revealed that Dean and Sam had not spoken to each other in several years and that Sam had said yes to Lucifer, allowing the fallen angel to take over his body.  Future Dean urged Dean to say yes to Michael and is then killed by Lucifer before Dean is brought back to the present.

Zachariah tried, once again, to convince Dean to say yes to Michael.  Dean refused and was teleported away by Castiel.  He decided to change the future that he’d been shown by joining back up with Sam.  The brothers were reunited, although things were still tense between them.

Sam and Dean decided to try and hunt down the Colt once again with the hope that they would be able to use it to kill Lucifer. They teamed up with Cas, Ellen, and Jo and headed to Lucifer's last known location. Although Lucifer was shot with the Colt, it didn't kill him and while the group was trying to escape Jo was injured by Hellhounds and she and Ellen sacrificed themselves in order to allow Sam and Dean to escape.

As things continued to progress in Lucifer's favor Dean decided that the best way to stop Lucifer would be to say "Yes" to Michael and allow the archangel to stop his brother. Dean separated himself from Sam, Castiel, and Bobby so that he could contact the other angels and let them know his decision. However, Castiel found him first and, after attempting to literally beat some sense into him, dragged him back to Sam and Bobby where he is convinced that letting Michael possess him isn't the right course of action.

The brothers ran into Gabriel again and he agreed to try and stop Lucifer on his own, leaving Dean with a dvd in the event that he doesn't survive. The dvd revealed that while it would be difficult to actually kill Lucifer, the rings that they had previously taken from the Horsemen could be used to reopen Lucifer's cage in Hell. All they would need to do is get him to jump in. Unfortunately, this plan would involve Sam saying "Yes" to Lucifer and then holding the archangel off long enough to jump back into the pit, taking Lucifer with him.

They were able to pinpoint Lucifer's location and prepared to loose Sam to Hell in order to save the world. Dean went in with Sam in order to recite the incantation that would open the cage and Sam agreed to let Lucifer possess him.

Note: Dean's canon extends past this point, but this is where I'm taking him from.

PERSONALITY: To those that don't know him well, Dean tends to come off as impulsive, sarcastic, and shallow. In reality, he is a bit of all of those, but they are also a cover for deeper feelings that he would rather not allow others to see. He loves to play practical jokes - especially on Sam - and he often jokes around on the job as well, picking rock star names as his and Sam’s aliases. Dean's quite a flirt, even if his pickup lines are sometimes lacking (I like kids) and he often encourages Sam - and at one point Cas - to try his strategy.

Dean knows that his lifestyle isn't one that easily allows for emotional attachments to those outside of it, but he tries to act like he's all about living in the moment. In some ways he is since he can't know when some monster will kill him or something will happen. Both he and Sam have already died on numerous occasions, but they keep being brought back from the dead.

On the other hand, if Dean acts like everything is fine all the time people are less likely to ask him if he is fine. Naturally, whenever this question is presented to him, Dean almost always replies that he is fine and moves on. The reply is more of a brushoff than an actual answer, but Dean doesn't want to admit to anyone else that he's less than fine. If he admits that everything isn't okay to someone else than he has to admit what's wrong to himself as well and then he's less able to continue on acting like everything is fine.

There are a few times in canon where Dean "cracks" like this and shows that things aren't just peachy all the time. Generally it occurs when someone (like the angels) asks Dean to complete a task that he doesn't feel comfortable with. He dislikes having to see Sam hurt by some of the difficult positions that they've been put in and just about anything involving those that he considers family puts Dean on edge.

Dean’s quick with sarcastic comebacks and he doesn’t care who he’s talking to. He always has something mouthy to say to the police whenever they bring him into custody. A lot of this particular attitude seems to come from the fact that Dean protects people every day from things that the authorities have no idea even exist. These people know nothing about Dean’s world, and he knows nothing about anything that they’ve done, so he has very little respect for them. Mostly, he views them as obstacles and complications. Since Dean doesn't exactly follow the law - credit card fraud, breaking and entering, etc. All are things that he's done in the name of killing monsters and protecting people. However, that's not something that can believably be explained away, and in the end, Dean's still breaking the law.

Dean has spent most of his life following orders from his father, with the top priority being his younger brother Sam. Even as his dad knew that his own life was coming to an end, he reminds Dean to look after his baby brother. Because of this, Dean places a very high value on looking after Sam, making it his sort of mission in life. Obviously, even from a young age, Dean has had trouble forming real, long lasting emotional ties with anyone, and that just makes him more attached to his family. Often, if something happens to Sam or he starts to do morally questionable things Dean takes it as a personal failure on his behalf. He even goes so far as to sacrifice himself for Sam, believing that he can’t go on with his brother dead. Dean's reliance on his family - Sam, Bobby, and, later, Castiel - is borderline unhealthy, and almost obsessive. While his dedication to family is admirable, it's really too much of an extreme and it becomes the only thing that really holds him together and keeps him going. This is further demonstrated in the later seasons of Supernatural when Dean looses everyone that he cares about with the exception of Sam and he emotionally falls apart. He continues to do his job because he has to, but loosing those close to him is like a personal blow to Dean.

He also hides a deep insecurity. Although he loves and cherishes both his father and his brother, he’s always believed that Sam was their father’s favorite and Dean was just a tool that could be used to help protect him and to be trained into the perfect soldier. These thoughts don’t do anything to lessen Dean’s love for his family; they just cause him to view himself as more disposable and less worthy than them. This can cause Dean to act recklessly, however, the only person that Dean has ever actively sacrificed his life for is Sam. When Sam was killed, Dean didn't hesitate to damn his own soul to hell in exchange for Sam's life. While there are other people that Dean loves and considers to be close family, Sam is also his responsibility.

Dean has a lot of guilt issues that tie into his feelings of worthlessness. When Dean was dying of heart failure after accidentally shocking himself on a hunt Sam was able to find a way to cure Dean, but he later finds out that his life was saved (exchanged) at the cost of another life. While Sam is argues that the other man would have died anyway whether it was Dean or another that had been cured, Dean is unable to accept that someone's life was lost to save his. Especially since it was a life that, as hunters, the Winchesters should have been trying to save. Later, John Winchester trades his life in exchange for Dean's and this is also difficult for him to handle. While Dean would have undoubtedly made the same call - and does later when Sam dies - he can't stand to think that someone he cares about would throw their life away for him when he's always viewed himself as dispensable.

In some ways Dean’s moral compass is a little shaky. He has absolutely no problem with credit card fraud, impersonating a member of the FBI, CIA, or any other government agency, or digging up graves in order to salt and burn some nasty spirit’s bones. He does, however, hold a great deal of issue with Sam’s use of his abilities. While it’s clear that Sam mainly wants to use his abilities to do good, Dean sees them as something dangerous and unknown. His view of the world is very black and white; human, not human. Anything "not human" can be classified as a monster and should therefore be killed. Dean's concern with Sam's use of powers comes not only from his own discomfort, but he's terrified that another hunter will catch wind of them and try to hunt Sam down.

Dean’s not great with dealing in unknown or faith-based things. His personal motto is that if he can see it, touch it, and fight it, it’s real. Otherwise it had might as well be Santa Claus. When first confronted with the concept of angels Dean reacts with scorn. Since he hasn't seen an angel and he doesn't know of anybody else who has, they fall under the categories of fairy tales and bedtime stories that parents tell their children. He also has a difficult time believing that if God and angels did exist they would have let all the horrible things that happened to the Winchester family go on without so much as raising a finger to help.

Although Dean has shown scorn towards living a “normal” life or Sam wanting to be “normal”, he secretly wishes that he could be “normal” as well. Dean never seemed to resent hunting in the way that Sam did, but he expressed resentment over Sam’s being able to have a normal life at college while Dean continued the hunt. A djinn once granted his wish to have a normal life, sticking Dean into a dream world where his mother had never died. While he loved the feeling of the dream, a reality where he and Sam were strangers to each other, and all of the people that he’d saved as a hunter were now dead wasn’t something that Dean could live with.

POWER: Canonically Dean has no powers. He's just a regular human. So I've chosen a few for him.

Pyrokinesis: The ability to create, manipulate, and control fire with his mind. Naturally, this power would take some learning to control and Dean would probably dislike having such an ability on principle.

The ability to communicate with animals: Able to understand what they're saying and limited ability to communicate with them in return.

COMMUNITY POST (VOICE) SAMPLE: [When the video turns on, Dean's new "residence" provides the backdrop and he's propped the phone up so he doesn't have to touch it and can keep his hands out of view. As for what can be seen of Dean in the frame, he doesn't look like a happy camper.]

Okay. So… As much of a fan as I am of being kidnapped to alternate worlds, well. Let's just say I'm not a fan of it. [His mouth turns up slightly in a tight smile that doesn't reach his eyes.

Previous experiences with Zachariah indicated that Dean wouldn't be able to leave this world until it was freaking done with him or whatever. Not that he was planning on making the best of the situation or anything, but maybe he could get information. Something.

Something that didn't involve him talking about his new "powers".
] I'm looking for information. And I'm not talking about the official bull that's in the freaking welcome fliers.

[He pauses for just a second.] And I'm looking for my brother. He's tall. Kind of shaggy hair. Goes by "Sammy".

[Dean glances down at something off screen just before a small flame appears, licking at the edge of the table.] Oh. Come on. Seriously?

[The video cuts to black on Dean trying to put out the fire, an irritated look on his face.]

LOGS POST (PROSE) SAMPLE: Dean was still having trouble wrapping his mind around the fact that Sam was here. Sure the "welcoming committee" had said that he was, but Dean didn't trust any of them as far as he could throw them. Probably less.

But when he'd asked for information about the city, there Sam was. His younger brother looked older than he had when Dean had last seen him - more world weary - but he was still Sam. At least that's what Dean hoped. The brothers hadn't spoken much over the phones. It was too risky without knowing who else could be listening in. So they'd agreed to meet somewhere else. Face to face. Sam had suggested some sort of fru-fru cafe that probably served "coffee" that was more syrup than anything else.

Dean sighs and runs a hand over his hair. He might as well get this over with. Figure out if this is Sammy and what exactly had happened with Lucifer if Sam and Dean were, well… here. Dean grabs his jacket from the back of the chair and shrugs it on over his shoulders, reaching to check that his limited weaponry is in place. And to make sure he hadn't somehow singed his jacket, because wouldn't that just blow.

He heads out the door and down the street, following Sam's directions, hands held a little less casually at his sides than usual as he wills them to not randomly burst into flame. Dean's jaw clenches a little tighter at the thought of his new "power".

Truthfully, it frightens him. Not that he would ever admit that out loud. He doesn't understand it and he can't control it and it's decidedly supernatural. Maybe Sam will know something about it. How to get rid of it. Something. If the person - thing - he'd talked to actually was Sam. Dean wasn't taking that for granted - couldn't take that for granted, not as a hunter.

But he was at the cafe now, so he'd be finding out sooner rather than later. Dean pushes the door open, a little bell at the top jingling to signal his arrival. A quick glance around the cafe has Dean heading for a table where Sam's already set up shop. He makes his way over, pulling out a free chair and pausing, his hand tightening on it's back. "Hey, Sammy."



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