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Name:Dean Winchester
Birthdate:Jan 24
Location:United States of America
Saving people, hunting things

Strengths: Dean doesn’t really have any special abilities but he has quite a few talents. He’s good at fighting and is skilled with several different types of firearm, as well as quite a few melee weapons. When it comes to combat Dean’s very resourceful and is usually able to use his environment to his benefit. After all, he was trained to fight things that go bump in the night from a very young age, and his father was very thorough in his training.

Weaknesses: His brother, first and foremost.  Sam’s the only family that Dean has left, and Dean loves his brother more than anything despite their occasional falling outs.  He would also do anything for him, including sacrificing himself, which he has done in the past.  DeanWinchester also has a soft spot for Bobby since he’s been like a second father to the Winchester boys. Really, anybody that Dean considers to be family or friend can be used against him. Actually, even people that he doesn't know can be used against him since Dean wants to be the big fucking hero and save the day. He's dislikes allowing collateral damage.

Dean is also terrified of flying, claiming that as the reason he drives everywhere.


Season Five, Episode Four: The End. Immediately after joining back up with Sam.
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