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How's my driving, kids?

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[ This message is sent the evening of the 7th, late into the morning. ]

Hello, this is Captain Holiday. I hope you can forgive my tardiness in getting in contact with you, things have not been as smooth as we usually like to keep them the past week -- I'm sure you've noticed -- and it's set things back a bit here at the base.

As one of the training exercise winners, the first of your prizes is a supervised visitation with the Porter machine. You may not come accompanied and each of you will take your visit one at a time so as not to overcrowd the room, but all winners will be granted two hours to examine the machine and ask our scientists questions. You may schedule to take your two hours at any point in the upcoming week.

Further details on the second prize are upcoming within the next few weeks.

Thank you,

Cpt. Parc Holiday
Liaison to ImPort/Government Affairs
Division of United States Department of Defense

[ NOTE: A log will be posted on Thursday to accommodate this visit! You are also welcome to handwave this and simply respond to us with what your character would do so that we might provide answers. ]


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