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[This place is his plaits lead - the last spot on the map - and Dean really hopes it holds more answers than questions. It looked like Dr Crane really was just a human, even if he was a pretty damn creepy one, and he's starting to wonder what the point of this whole thing is. Dad wouldn't send him on some sort of wild goose chase, right? Not even to teach him a lesson. And, in all fairness, Dean was pretty sure that the lesson had already been hammered home.

But he opens the door and steps insideā€¦. only to be confronted by a dog that tilts his head at Dean and informs him that he smells like Dean, but funny.
] Hey!

[Dean scowls at the insinuation that he smells weird. It's not like he's been hunting recently or done anything else that might have left a funky smell. Still, he surreptitiously sniffs at himself. Nothing.

And the whole talking animal thing is still really, really weird. So Dean does what any sane person would do in his situation and, after doing a sweep of the house and finding it empty, starts going through the stuff in the occupied bedrooms, looking for some sort of clue.

The dog trails along after, adding commentary that Dean scowls at some more and does his best to tune out.
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